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Software License You are allowed to use the software as long as you want for educational purposes! You do not have to pay extra or no membership will expire.

Full Length Exams 5 We have 5 new full exams in our DAT software. This does NOT include
the 5 new and complete PAT exams in each of our PAT softwares. Most of our competitors use tests that are outdated - they have been using the same questions for more than 8 years and have not adapted to to the new range of questions written annually. Others use tests that have not yet been tested for accuracy and detail.

Test difficulty Yes Here at the DATPAT.com we feel that our goal is to simulate the actual DAT exam that you are taking with a range of questions that help you practice while challenging your skill level. Our methodology does not include torturing you with impossible questions just so we can claim our exams are the "hardest". We simply do not believe that we should incorporate questions that are beyond the scope of the DAT and undergraduate level to demoralize our test takers. What you find is a blend of questions that are very similar in quality, difficulty, and depth ? that said we do include some difficult questions to address the fluctuations in difficulty on the real exam. The net result is balance and an environment that will help you gain confidence and comfort before you take the DAT exam. Good luck!

Test Sections 40 We simply don’t play games with this area. We also have the most number of sections than anyone else. There are 6 sections per exam, similar to to the official DAT. for a total of 30 on our DAT software, plus an additional 10 PAT sections on our two PAT softwares. Simply, the most number of PAT questions anywhere! For example, Biology, Reading Comp, etc are each considered one section.

Total Test Questions 2500 We have over 2500 questions in our library. This includes our DAT, PAT Advanced & PAT Extreme softwares. Our solutions are not counted in this area. We offer solutions on all questions except on our PAT sections. The PAT portion of the exams are not referencable and thus the reason for no explanations.

Full PAT Exams 10 Our competition cannot match this. We have 5 Full and completely different PAT exams in EACH of our PAT softwares, for a total of 10 exams. Considering there are 6 sections per exam, we have 60 sections of PAT training on our PAT softwares alone! This is NOT including the 5 PAT exams that we have on our DAT software. Each of our softwares has its own unique PAT questions. The questions on the softwares are NOT similar. Simply put, no one can compete with our level of PAT training.

CD Included No We feel that technology should be used to make everyone's lives easier. We don't want you to have to wait 2 weeks for a CD to arrive when you can easily download it, and start preparing for your test NOW. After you purchase the software, you can use the link to download the program right away. No shipping errors, and no scratched CDs. Our software is downloaded in about 5 minutes, using a DSL connection. Our competitors programs are outdated and so take a long time to download.

Canadian Version Yes We have formatted our exams to the Canadian DAT standards, and offer something that NONE of our competitors do: We are the ONLY DAT prep software with a "Soap Carving" video. Our exclusive and right protected VIDEO tutorial on "Soap Carving" is absolutely comprehensive and is about an hour in length. Why use a printed "Guide" or an old "Chalk Carving" video, when you can actually watch a complete Soap Carving video tutorial on your computer.

Professionally Written Questions Yes Most of our competitors have questions written by pre-dental students. We have used the expertise of PhDs from Upenn and Harvard to write questions in each of their respective sciences. For PAT questions we have also incorporated the use of AutoCAD experts in architecture departments to best simulate the PAT environment. With the input of dental school professors, and PhD's from proven schools we offer you a program that has some of the most comprehensive and challenging question banks to help you achieve your best. Don’t be stuck using questions from the the last century like our competitors.

Detailed Solutions Yes Even though our competitors claim that they have solutions for every question, they usually provide a page reference that really does not help. We have spent hours with our team to condense the solutions so that you can easily understand the complexity of the question. We feel that saving you time is better than having you buy all the reference books.

Dynamic Questions System & Full Featured Software Yes Unlike most of our competitors, with our software you don't have to retake the exact same test for an unlimited number of times, and get a better score by memorizing the answers. Our unique DQS software technology can not only scramble questions, but can also detect the number of times that a question has been viewed. By doing this, our software offers you a dynamic and challenging exam every time that prevents you from memorizing the answers. This is only a feature, and you have the option of turning this feature on and off, if you would rather see the same questions and the same exams!

Simulated DAT Yes Exact simulation of the exam is achieved by our software. Everyone of our editors has taken the actual test successfully, as has our head programmer. We have simulated the testing environment so that you will not feel any difference on the day of the exam. Our competitors play with words to deceive their software inaccuracies.

Professionally Written Code  Yes We had some of the brightest programmers to write the codes for our program. Our software engineers have worked for Microsoft or are PhDs from Ivy league schools like Upenn. They have perfected our custom program so that you don't have to work on an HTML website.

Testimonial Section Yes We have an advanced survey system that allows our users to write back comments and for them to appear online dynamically.
Customer Support Yes Our team of customer service is available through phone, email, or through our website. We are available during business hours, including the weekends. We also have an emergency support line that is available after hours to respond to your emergency technical and customer service issues.

Test & Admission Advice Yes We offer a very comprehensive resource center that allows you to gain detailed information about your future plans in dentistry. We are here to help you achieve your goals.

Price  59.95  We have the most affordable software price period! No one else offers more than we do, for the price you pay. Given the number of questions and tests offered by our software, you can't get a better deal anywhere. See for yourself!

Pace yourself tools Yes We have a very advanced system of helping you train to pace yourself while using our software. It is a great tool to help you learn.

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