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Software Piracy

3 Quick Steps     


Unlike other things you purchase, the software applications and fonts you buy don't belong to you. Instead, you become a licensed user you purchase the right to use the software on a single computer, but you can't put copies on other machines or pass that software along to colleagues. Software piracy is the illegal distribution and/or reproduction of DATPAT.com software applications. Whether software piracy is deliberate or not, it is still illegal and punishable by law.

Those who believe they're saving money by pirating software couldn't be more mistaken. Legal and financial penalties, higher administrative costs, and lowered productivity make piracy very expensive.  If you cannot offer proof of purchase you are in violation of piracy.

Please note that DATPAT.com will pursue violators of our License agreement to the full extent of the law.  Furthermore, we will use every resource available to ensure that we accomplish a satisfying remedy to this.

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