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DAT test prep is very important, as your performance on the DAT can greatly effects your choice of dental schools.
In addition to your grade point average and graduate admissions essay, the most important factor to receive an admission to a dental school is your performance on the Dental Admission Test.

The DAT test is prepared by the American Dental Association (ADA) and administered at Thompson Prometric Centers.

It is a computerized test consisting of a series of multiple choice questions.

You should plan DAT test prep enough time before  the day of the real DAT test and leave yourself with enough time to prepare well and not rush the studying.
DAT software can also  be used, allowing you to take the test in an accurate test simulation.

The DAT test consists of four sections:
1. Survey of Natural Sciences
Multiple choice questions about biology, general and organic chemistry

  • 40 questions about biology
  • 30 questions about general chemistry
  • 30 questions about organic chemistry

Time: 90 minutes

2. The PAT

The Perceptual Ability test
You must answer questions, about the graphic representations, being shown, such as detecting differences in angles and projections.

  • 75 scored questions
  • 15 un-scored questions

Time: 60 minutes

3. Reading Comprehension section
This part is designed to test your ability to absorb new science material and to
organize and analyze it.

You are given three lengthy passages, about dental and basic sciences, each followed by questions about them.

Time: 60 minutes

4. Quantitative Reasoning.

- basic mathematical skills,
- algebra,
- geometry,
- trigonometry,
- word problems that use applied mathematics.

  • 40 multiple choice questions

time: 45 minutes

Total test time: 4 hours 15 minutes. There is also an optional 15 minute break.

DAT test prep is an important investment in your future. Your score on the DAT test will effect the choice of dental schools.

The acceptance rate of the top dental schools is lower than one in ten!

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