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Dental Admission Test

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Dynamic Questioning System (DQS)
is our uniquely designed technology that allows a limitless number of exams to be generated. Every time you begin a test, a new exam is assembled by drawing problems at random from a pool of questions. The questions are categorized by difficulty to further enhance the randomization process so you get a mixture of difficulty each time. Although the same questions may be seen in repeated exams, their order will never be the same. This reduces the test taker's tendency to memorize the sequence of answer choices. The technology also ensures that the exams remain standardized and generates automatic grade result with performance analysis.

Detailed Explanations give you the best possible tool to learn from your mistakes. This feature is available on all the academic sections of the DAT. The explanations are very concise in teaching you the facts you need to solve the question. You will find solutions for Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Biology, Quantitative Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension sections. Furthermore, this resource serves as a study guide that can cover a wide area of topics helping you study more efficiently!

Accurate Test Simulation simply means that you are training in an environment that is extremely similar to that of the actual Dental Admission Test. By training in a similar environment, you can expect to become comfortable with the format and testing process before you have to face it in the real testing situation.

DAT Test Experts are the authors of our DAT and PAT exam material. Professors, dental students, pre-dental students, and graduate students were involved in the development process. This combination of experts allowed us to really focus on delivering the core concepts that help build test taking strength.

Auto Scoring & Analysis allows you to easily see what your score is based on the DAT standardized table. The system will automatically convert your raw score in to a score that will help gauge your performance. You will also have access to an analysis section that will allow you to monitor your progress. This is a great tool to help you see the improvements that you are making or areas that you need concentrate on.

Timed Sections allow you to feel the real crunch of taking an exam. The sections are divided as they would be on the real exam so you will simulate an "exact" test environment.

Question Error Guarantee will compensate you if you find a previously unreported error and provide us with a sufficient explanation. You will then be entitled to a $20 re-imbursement per question up to the value of your original purchase. Please read the Question Guarantee page for all the details.

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